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Let’s get started designing your wedding Album!

The finishing touch to your wedding photos lies in the final presentation of the images, and a beautiful shoot beautifully preserved is a joy forever.   As daunting as this task seems to be, we will help you through the process each step of the way.  Now that the wedding has passed it is time to put all those memories into a permanent heirloom product to share with the families for the rest of your lives.

If your gallery has expired, you will need to first pay to extend the online archive of your gallery for at least 1 year.  This online gallery is the system by which you select your photos for our design team to work on.  You can extend your gallery by clicking here.

The next step is choosing your favorite photos.  You can select all the photos that you have included in your package or just pick some of your favorites and let us pick the rest to tell your story.  Picking your package limit is VERY hard, and honestly most couples choose to add either 20 or 40 more to their album to help tell a better story.   (Confession: It is our job to make the photos so good you want to include them all and can’t refuse any! 🙂 )  You can add 20 extra photos for only $300 or 40 extra photos for $450 (60 photos can also be added for $600).   Remember your album should tell a narrative story and the more photos you can possibly add, the more thorough your photo story will be and the day’s memories well preserved.


Once you choose one of the options below we will forward you the directions and instructions on how you can begin the selection process of your photos.

Wedding Book Options
Add 60 extra Photos $600.00 USD
Add 40 extra Photos $450.00 USD
Add 20 extra Photos $300.00 USD

After you have chosen to upgrade the photos in your album (or not), you can begin selecting your photos by clicking on this page for directions.