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So you are ready to get your pictures selected and the album process under way!  Congratulations.

We hope you have been enjoying your wedding images so far!

We are really excited about getting started on your album as well.  We have broken down the process into the fewest steps as possible for everyone.

There are a few ways to approach this part of the final phase of your wedding photo collection.  To get started and we want to make it as easy for you as we can. We also know that you hired us because you love what we do, and we would like to offer you as much of that expertise as you would like to utilize.

1. Have us design the whole album! ~  We understand it can be extremely daunting to go through all your images; and envision which ones would make the best final product.  Having us design the whole thing will take the pressure off you to choose which images work best as a wedding story. No one knows your images better than we do, and we would be happy to select your album images for you in order to create the best possible storyboard and general design.

2. Pick your family portraits and we do the rest ~  We ask that you select the family groupings and candid groupings that you would like included. This is the only difficult part for us as we do not know your family dynamics as well as you do.  Many of our clients love this option because it is also much easier for them. If this is you, just send us your family selections, and favorite portrait picks; and we will get started on making you an amazing album after that.

3. Select the exact images you would like us to use ~  You can also give us the exact images you would like us to use for the design and we will make you a great album based on those selections alone.

What to expect through the album design process:

Because of the care, passion and effort that we put into making your heirloom album, the complete process takes a bit of time.  Your album typically takes anywhere from {2-4 Months depending on the season and design backlog that certain times of the year produce}.

If you are ready to get rolling, here are the steps you have to do.
Head over to your online gallery.  (You should already have that link)  If it has expired you must activate an extension payment to make it work.  (Click here to do so)

Once you have logged into your gallery on a Laptop or Desktop (not iPad or Phone), you can begin.
1) Start viewing the photos one at a time or in a grid pattern, in the main overall gallery starting at the beginning.
2) Above each photo (top left) you should see a link to “add to favorites” {sometimes it is a little heart} 
3) By “adding to favorites” you will see a link appear at the top left of the page that says. “Favorites: My Selections”

4) That is where all your favorites end up.  (Kind of like a shopping cart but just for favorites)
5) Once all your photos are selected, click on the link top left that is called “My Selection”.   Then click “Edit My Selection”
6) There should be in the new window that opens up of your selections, and at the top right click the button called “Share Favorites”.  After clicking it, the popup window below appears and you can send a message to us by clicking Share.

7) By clicking the Share you can chose to send those favorites to us.  Just fill out the basic information it is requesting, and press Share button.
We will contact you with the next steps after that.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at all throughout this process.