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Experiences Over Things

When 2020 hit the event industry as hard as it did, we took that hidden blessing of a decimated schedule, reprioritized; and decided to do something crazy. We chose to sell our beautifully restored 1900s home in Middletown, CT, to downsize our belongings and live more fully and with deeper intention. We purposefully chose to take some time off from our rigorous wedding schedule and get away to experience the thrill of the open road in our completely customized RV. 

You don’t have to become our ‘friends,’ but as almost all our clients do, if you follow us on our accounts or our popular travel site Our1Chance you know we’ve been traveling and living unconventionally for the past several years in our RV. We’ve been taking the Connecticut winters off before this to travel. However, 2020 perfectly aligned our business and life plan to take the most significant leap of faith and the most extraordinary move we have ever made for our family.

Seeking out experiences over things took on a whole new meaning as we excitedly traveled to over 45 states and 72 National Parks & Monuments. We’ve photographed and filmed our way through so many memories with our girls. God planned for me to be a photographer, which was all part of his master plan. With all that journeying under our belt, we did miss one thing—the privilege of capturing photographs of someone’s most important day and sharing them with family and friends.

With a refreshed and renewed soul, we are excited to be back with a full schedule of capturing weddings and the excitement of creating for couples who appreciate art and know the value of priceless photos.

Our schedule is limited as we are still blocking off chunks of the calendar year for adventure, but if your date is available, it would be an honor to blow you away with images you get to cherish for a lifetime.


Hopefully, you can see the spark of difference in our Signature photographs, but honestly, those aren’t always the most cherished of the day.

The most important photographs we’ve captured are the genuine laughter and smiles of grandma, the near perfectly posed family photos with everyone smiling (the magic of photoshop and good jokes), tearjerking story development that takes you right back to the day, and of course ridiculously dramatic artistic edits to share online and on your walls.

That is what we’re passionate about, and although we wish everyone could live on forever, we also know that priceless photo of Grandma and Grandpa sharing a smile during your first dance, will be the favorite photo you have after all the cake is gone, reels have been posted, and the stories lose their social traction.

We know the power that lies within the photography of your wedding and respect the importance it plays in your day. Whether it’s us, or someone else you choose, make sure that you feel confident they will be the style you like and respect the value of priceless little moments of all the people that are part of your day. Too many photographers focus solely on their couple’s portrait session and miss countless storytelling opportunities because of their tunnel vision.

We look forward to working with you on your big day and feel free to reach out if you have other wedding-related questions. 

We aren’t wedding planners, but we have seen EVERYTHING there is to see and can usually guide you toward the vision you are looking for.

Never stop adventuring. You only get 1 Chance.

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We only get 1 Chance

Hey, thanks for stopping by our tiny home on the web. We are Jen & Jerome. You’ve known us for years as the team behind Studio1923 Photographic Art, and we’ve personally photographed over 750 weddings since we started this journey in 2005. (yeah you read that right) Wow, what a wild ride this has been. Perhaps it is time to write a book about the craziest things we’ve seen at weddings 😉

At our busiest, we are shooting over 70 weddings a year with little to no free time for ourselves