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Veils and Cufflinks was born out of Studio1923, LLC’s vision for a more developed wedding brand.  We have been producing award winning photographic art of the world’s most remarkable couples.  Since 2005.  Jerome and Jennifer Braga have captured over 700 weddings throughout New England and the US.

Experiencing Life as it should be..

Who we are as a family

The warmer months of the year, you can find Jerome & Jennifer living and working the New England wedding scene; from their Connecticut home base. Wedding images from Jerome & Jennifer Braga have been published in Connecticut Bride Magazine, Brides, Southern Weddings, The Knot Magazine, The, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. On Television on the Today Show, NBC30, WTNH8, and published on over a dozen wedding blogs.

Jerome and Jennifer have received countless awards since they began their photographic journey.

  • Wedding album of the year five consecutive years from CTPPA
  • 9 First Place Awards in Wedding Category (CTPPA)
  • 6 Awards of Excellence from WPPI
  • 2 Fearless Photographer Awards.
The rest of the year, (winter), you can chase them around the country as they photograph, work, blog, and travel across the United States in their RV. New England events during that time are still possible, as are events throughout the United States. As professional photographers, their talents are sought after by a large portion of the RVing industry through websites such as and their own travel blog   

You only have ONE CHANCE with this lifetime…. Make the most of it.

What does a 42 minute #startrails exposure look like? 

This photo is a culmination of 125 photos each 20 seconds long.  Shot at 16mm at ISO 800 f/4.  The image here is “stacked” as in all the slight trails of the stars are stacked together to create the long spiral trails of the stars. 

Polaris, the center star; was located and aligned before I started shooting using the app @photopills . That gave me the general direction to set up in and begin the timed shoots.  The alignment of Polaris over the center of the truck and trailer was deliberate. 
Pro Tip: Also the white balance was set to Tungsten (Lightbulb) indoor setting.  In Tungsten mode the camera thinks ALL lighting will have an amber glow to it, so it corrects the image by adding ‘blue’ to the color cast.  The goal of the camera is to create a neutral image so by tricking the camera into thinking it will be amber, we end up with a beautiful cobalt sky.  Want to learn more photo tips and techniqes follow my personally @jeromebraga
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The girls couldn’t be happier to be  parked right next to their friends this week. 
Within minutes, outfits were chosen and routines/shows were well in production. 
Now the big challenge is lining up our real schedules with their ‘schedules’.
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We’ve tried to get a sunset kayak photo for the last couple of years. 
There was either a weak sunset, or high winds, heavy current, wrong location, or something we couldn’t control.
Well tonight, we took the chance and although the current was a little strong, Leighton found the trick to stick the paddle into the ocean floor and use it as an anchor. 
That stability gave Jerome the confidence to launch and catch the drone, so we were able to get this shot. 🙂 

The catch was still a little challenging but worth it in the end. 

Have you ever launched and caught a drone on a boat / kayak? 

#visitflorida #floridakeyslife #floridakeys #discoverflorida
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So many grateful things to be thankful for this Christmas but what impressed us the most this year was the genuine compassion and thoughtfulness that our girls put into our presents and those they gave to others. 

I wish we could share all the amazing little touches they included into everything they touched, but it would only sound boastful and that isn’t the point really.  Just proud to be part of this little crew. 

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!
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This is 50!!!! Happy Birthday to Jerome!!!! The guy that can fix anything, do everything all while driving us all over the country!  We love you so much!!
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Happy Easter!
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Not all campgrounds are quite like this one.  It is not a state park, it is not a private park, it is not BLM land , nor is it a National Park, and it is beautiful. 

This park is actually run by the city.  It is a city park in Jacksonville and quickly won over our hearts.  A short walk to the beach in one direction, easy long strolls with  @chancesbigjourney in another direction , A fully stocked country store, multiple playgrounds, mountain bike trails, and hookups! 

Have you been to Hanna Park?
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Our first night in the Keys did not disappoint! Well technically this was the next morning at 6 am! Usually I like an earlier sunrise but thankful for the later sunrise this morning because the galaxy was right above us!

#floridakeys #sugarloafkey #sugarloafkoa #milkywaygalaxy #milkyway_nightscapes #milkyway #towingadventure
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This place is one of the most familiar parks we’ve been to. 

We first made it here back in 2015, and made quite the adventure for ourselves in Florida.  First time at Disney, First time in Florida with the girls, First restaurant meal for Shayla (At Disney), and so much more. 

Although the park has changed quite a bit since then, it still feels like “home” to us.  Now more than ever with all the friends we see time and again here.  If we haven’t met you yet please reach out and say HI!  Thank you @thousandtrails for the endless memories.
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Making the world a brighter place for the past 11 years! And apparently 11 is the new 18 😂😂
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One of the hardest parts of RV living is 'alone time'. No, it's not what you are initially thinking about... lol. 
You see, we like to schedule a once-a-week business meeting where we discuss and plan the business paths and the business of us. 

Why is it so hard to find this time? Well, the girls ALWAYS have an interrupting question, a problem that needs to be sorted, drama to be corrected and now we even have a dog that seems to NEED attention when we are deep in conversation. (have you seen @chancesbigjourney 's singing talents?) 
It is all expected though, we live in 420 sqr feet. 

How do we actually find time to get away? Well, sometimes a gorgeous sunset alone has to suffice, but most of the time, we have to leave the girls in competent care and head out to the local pub and pull up a seat at the bar. With the iPad in hand, we discuss our victories, losses, and prospects. In business first then if time allows, we talk about our life. We usually leave with a hitlist of todos and want-todos. 

It is a rewarding reset to do this and get us both on the same page with SOOO many things. 

What do you do that is similar to this? 

#quiteplace #clearmind #smallbusinessrevolution #businessmeetings #workforyourself #entreprenuership #growyourbusiness #businessgoals
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The Portuguese Man o’ War… Did you know they are not actually jellyfish? 

We’ve seen so many this year but always afraid to get too close for a great photo. (Until this one)

They are siphonophore, which is actually a colony  of specialized animals called zooids that work together as one. 

Their float (The sail type above water part) can be up to 6 inches tall. 

Their tentacles can grow as long as 165 feet! ! ! (Yeah you read that right) 

Few species eat the Portuguese man o’ war, but some predators that specialize on stinging, gelatinous invertebrates (e.g., loggerhead sea turtles and ocean sunfish) are known to feed on this and other siphonophores.

They are named after their resemblance to 18th century Portuguese warships. 

Have you seen one in person? 

#portuguesemanowar #portuguesemanofwar #jellyfish
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Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement last week for Shayla! It is so strange to see her eating cashews after we have feared them for the last 11 years! 

Shayla tested negative to all the tree nuts except Cashews and Hazelnuts which is why we did the cashews under the watch of the allergist. She is free to eat walnuts, pecans, pistachios and pine nuts, well once we get the courage to give them to her 🤣 In August we will head back to the allergist to try hazelnuts. 

How does it help us? It helps us by opening up more opportunities to foods that are labeled processed in a facility that handles tree nuts that we have always had to avoid; items like certain flour brands.

Let me know if you have any questions about food allergies! We are always happy to share!
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Happy Birthday to Jerome!! The guy that can fix anything, drives us all over the country and tells the worst I mean best dad jokes!! We love you!!!
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Did you know that the Florida Keys is a designated Dark Sky location?  I mean you do have to wander away from the population to the fringes of the islands, but the night sky is quite beautiful. 

I think the darkest location of the keys is Bahia Honda State Park, but even at our campground, where this is a significant amount of light pollution the galaxy core was visible at 4 am this morning.

Have you gotten up early to see the stars lately? 

#astrophotography #astrophotos #darksky #stars #milkyway #milkywayphotography #galaxycore
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Have you ever stayed at Fiesta Key? It’s an Encore park and we get access to it with our @thousandtrails membership! The park is in the upper keys. Over the weekend we spent some time in Islamorada and went to the shops and checked out the breweries! Definitely a different experience than the lower keys but equally amazing!
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First stop of our year… a perfectly situated roadside parking lot of a fantastic Harvest Host here in PA.

Today we drove a respectable 5.5 hours to get far enough away from 20 degree CT and the snow storm that is hitting the eastern coast. (Although it still 25 degrees tonight)

We initially had a route picked that was taking us directly into over 4.5 hours of snow traffic, so as all seasoned RVers do, we recalculated and adjusted our route.  An extra hour or so west before heading south, and we miss the whole storm. 😉 this is a marathon not a sprint. 

As for the photo… it’s a #prism
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Cheers to friends. 
Old friends, new friends, friends we’ve yet to meet, friends we agree with, friends we have nothing in common with, friends that surprise us and friends that make us laugh uncontrollably.

Here’s to making a life filled with ‘living’ and doing it with humans that agree with the same.

This week’s friends include @the_nomadi_kidds and @ourooaklife

#towingadventure @visitflorida
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Tonight we had quite the fast moving little storm push through the RV park. 

As expected, late in the evening; when the sun popped out there was an awesome double rainbow. 

After several attempts to get a good angle of the rainbow over our RV,  Jerome decided that the only option was a quick moving “between the raindrops” drone shot. 

All in all the shot took less than 30 seconds from ground to air to ground, then quick dry off and boom. 

Love shots like this. 

What shots do you take, that become your favorites?
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I call this the #comfortzonechallenge 

When the crew mentioned wanting to do a river float in the afternoon, all I could think about were the gators.  Of course everyone brags about how many they saw the day prior, how big they were, blah blah.  All I heard was “teeth, bite, teeth, attack, teeth, gone”

Well, despite the fear; I stepped outside my comfort zone and said yes to the river float. 

The whole thing was about 3 miles or so and took a couple of hours.  The lazy float is actually quite relaxing with the exception of the time the gators were spotted on the shores. 

It felt great to face fears, and I’m better for it.  The girls were truly fearless on the paddle board as a team, and I had the support of @the.runaway.parents @restless_russells to keep me strong. 

Have you faced any fears this week?

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We aren’t huge fishermen, but we have been told that once you’ve fished in they Keys, you are essentially spoiled, and ruined to all other types of fishing. 

We’ve done pier fishing, shore fishing and charter boat fishing and they have ALL been such fun, diverse experiences. 

I think the most surprising part is the girls’ passion for slicing up the bait, setting the hooks, casting the lines and their genuine joy of the process.  Who knew!? 

Do you fish?
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New day, new view. 

Are moving days a sense of anxiety or excitement for you? 

#visitaflorida #floridatravel #visitaflorida #floridatravel #rvingwithkids #fulltimervingwithkids #rvkids #familytraveltribe #rvadventure #rvlivingwithkids #experienceoverthings #experiencesoverthings #exploringfamilies #fulltimervwithkids #towingadventure #spanishmoss #rvflorida
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What quality, trait, or skill set do you wish you had on the road. 

For me, the trait I wish I had before hitting the road is flexibility. Our life has progressively developed into a specific structure of checks and balances to keep our environment safe and sane. A structured system of well-orchestrated plans, routes, and routines brings peace and calm to our life. However, the cost of it all is flexibility, and it is lost in the rhythm of daily life.  Currently, we are planning certain days/weekends of "flex" in our schedule, but even those have to be scheduled in. lol 
This lifestyle begs for flexibility, and the lack of it in daily life is a constant struggle, which I wish I had under control before we began rving. 

Jerome said he wishes he had guitar-playing skills and a passion for slowing down and disconnecting.  He has always imagined sitting outside the RV, possibly looking onward towards nature, and strumming the strings for a while. The skills aren't there, but neither is the trait of relaxation. (I think playing an instrument needs downtime to practice as well and that he can't find peace in doing)  He just doesn't possess the ability to just sit and relax. We both struggle with that a LOT and have always done so. 

How about you?
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Sometimes the most straight forward photo can have so much storyline. 

What did you notice first about this image?
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Here's to the Red White and Blue. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating our Nation's Birth. 

This is the Comstock Bridge in Colchester CT.  It is one of 3 covered bridges left in the state.  Originally built in 1785 and named after the town's first postmaster. 

We've lived in Connecticut all our lives and although we have photographed clients in every little corner of this state, we've never really seen it through the eyes of a 'visitor'. The eyes of a tourist, the eyes of a traveler gathering adventures.  We've never really looked for epic destinations to capture and uncover. 

We went on a hike here the other day and as Jerome passed the bridge we've seen hundreds of times, he paused.. and said.. you know if we were hiking this trail and this was in a National Forest, I would absolutely make note of this spot and fight to journey  back and capture it later under the stars... 

So at 11 pm last night he drove down to the Salmon River, walked into the water, and set up the camera mid-stream for this gorgeous 25-minute exposure.  It had to be done. 
There are SOO many of these hidden gems in CT and every state for that matter. 

Do you see your home state differently after you've been adventuring? 

Nikon Z6 with 14-24mm 2.8 at 2.8 ISO 1000.  186 Image stack of 8 second exposures.  Light painting to illuminate the bridge red underneath.
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Let's talk trailer hitches.
Just curious what you use.
What do you roll with currently?

We are on our second hitch because our first one turned out to be a clunky, sloppy mess of a hitch. Back then got a brand new 20K Pullrite Superglide when we bought our RV and after the first year, it was loose in so many pivot points. Clunked like crazy at every gas and break. It felt like we were getting hit in the back every time we stopped in traffic.

Then came our saving grace, the B&W Companion Slider (with the factory Ram puck setup). When we first put it in and towed with it, we were blown away by how tight the connection was. Jerome said... "I never realized it could be like this. But let's see what it's like after a year" SO here we are 6 years later with this hitch and it is as solid and tight as the first day.
Even after over 100K towing miles, this thing is still a pleasure to use.

Do you have a @bwtrailerhitches hitch?
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Lets be honest... ⁠
Camping in vineyard is just a little bit like heaven on earth. 🍷⁠
#harvesthost #towingadventure
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Have you ever seen a moonbow? (Yes this shot was taken at night) We were able to capture this photo under the ideal conditions @yosemitenps from 2019. 
A lot of things have to be just right for this to occur. First there has to be plenty of snow pack from the winter then be appropriate spring temperatures to thaw that snow pack to fill the waterfall will plenty of spray. This usually only happens in the spring as the waterfalls are usually dried up by summertime.
There has to be a full moon and a clear sky so that the light from the moon shines bright enough to  cause a #moonbow on the waterfall's spray.
One challenge I didn't expect was to be standing in the spray. As you can imagine that is not great for the camera. This 15 second long exposure was my second attempt and on the third attempt the lens was too wet to get anything else. 

What do you think?
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Have you ever stayed in a tiny home? 
This campground has a whole row of them for rent. 
Ultimately I think they are incredibly well planned out, but everything MUST have a place otherwise the floor space gets small really quick.  For a weekend away they are AMAZING. 
They are definitely a better alternative than a standard hotel room by far. (Multiple rooms, Full Kitchens, Huge Bathrooms)
Imagine being able to not only have your own food (for families like ours), but also waking up to this view!
Encore RV resorts has Tiny Home Villages all across the US and you can see more about them @petite.retreats
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Flash back to our favorite Halloween picture of the girls and Cole! Stay tuned for this years pic!
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Marvel Movie Night. 🍿 🎥 

Which is your favorite? Do you watch them in order?  In order or release or chronological? 

Popcorn flavors are maple syrup and cinnamon.  Jerome is having ghost salt.
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