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We would LOVE to feature your wedding on our blog!  We think it was just perfect in so many ways, and really showcases your style and unique touches. (We also feel some wedding publications would love to see your images as well)

We have set up the form below to be used as a fact-gathering outline to help establish a creative blog post for our Veils and Cufflinks website.  We will use pieces of your responses (if not most) to help narrate a “Real Weddings” story around some of your photos to be featured on our blog in the near future. The remaining information we compile for inter-industry networking and marketing. We will also be keeping this information on hand to submit your event to some bridal magazines and blogs as feature weddings for them.

Feel free to elaborate as much as possible on some of the responses, and we will cut and paste your response as a quote on occasion. (Not to mention bridal publishers LOVE details and stories)
Thanks again for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire!